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DGHT Technique

What is DGHT?

DGHT Technique(an abbreviation for Dr. Gorn Hair Stylist Transplantation) specific details

  1. The DGHT team of doctors will design the hairline to match the individual’s facial structure (Customized Design.
  2. The hair density of the transplanted hair will closely match the original hair density, resulting in a natural look (Natural Look Design). In certain areas where high density is required, this technique can achieve a density of up to 65 follicular units per square centimeter.
  3. The DGHT medical team does not separate hair grafts. We count the number of grafts according to Follicular Unit Graft (FUG). Therefore, it is not possible to compare the price per graft with other institutions. One FUG may contain 1, 2, 3, or 4 hair roots.
  4. The growth rate of the new hair exceeds the standard, being over 90%.
  5. We use the Micro Stem FUE technique in every case.