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Eyebrow Transplantation

Enhancing eyebrows boosts confidence

The eyebrows are often likened to the crown of the face for many women, hence, they aspire to have naturally beautiful eyebrows to add dimension to their faces. Therefore, there are techniques for eyebrow shaping and tattooing to mimic natural eyebrows. However, regardless of these techniques, it’s still challenging to achieve a completely natural look. Moreover, sometimes eyebrow tattoo may lead to a loss of confidence. For example, overly thick eyebrows with dark colors can make the face look harsh. Sometimes, fine lines may result in an unbalanced facial proportion. There may be issues with fading in certain areas, leading to uneven eyebrows. Additionally, the ink used for tattoo may change color over time, turning from brown to red or yellow, which can make the eyebrows appear unnatural.

Drawing eyebrows is another method that many people choose to use

However, there are drawbacks to eyebrow drawing. It can be time-consuming and may not be suitable for people with limited time. Additionally, it may not be suitable for individuals who sweat a lot, enjoy exercising, or swimming, as sweat and water can cause the drawn eyebrows to smudge or disappear. Moreover, eyebrow drawing may not be very practical in Thailand, especially during the rainy season when rain can cause the drawn eyebrows disappear as well. This can lead to a loss of confidence for those who have sparse eyebrows.

For men, eyebrows are also important for enhancing their look, making them appear more masculine

However, most men often find it inconvenient to groom or draw their eyebrows, so nowadays we have a new option that meets the needs of men for natural-looking eyebrows. That is eyebrow transplantation, which thickens and lengthens the eyebrows, indicating masculinity and adding ruggedness to the face, making it appear more dimensional.

Eyebrow transplantation is the most natural way to add dimension to your eyebrows because it involves using hair follicles from the back of your own head and transplanting them into the eyebrow area, following the natural direction of your existing eyebrows. After the transplantation, your eyebrows will have a clearer, more defined shape that looks natural. One significant advantage is that it’s a permanent solution; the transplanted eyebrows will continue to grow without the need for further procedures.

The difference between eyebrow tattoo and eyebrow transplant

DifferenceEyebrow tattooEyebrow Transplant
NaturalnessIf you get your eyebrows done by an experienced technician, they can make them look natural. But if you go to someone with less experience, your eyebrows might end up too thick, too dark, or too sharply defined, making them look unnatural.Eyebrow transplant is performed by a specialized doctor who extracts hair from the back of the head and implants it into the eyebrows. This procedure results in the most natural-looking eyebrows.
DurationEyebrow tattoo may require color touch-ups every 1-3 years.Permanent eyebrow transplantation ensures lifelong growth of the transplanted eyebrow hairs, eliminating the need for any future procedures.
PainEyebrow tattoo requires applying numbing creamDuring eyebrow transplantation, local anesthesia is used through injection, providing a sensation only during the injection process. Throughout the actual transplantation, there is no discomfort or pain.
Recovery periodNo recovery timeNo recovery time. There may be minimal swelling. You can resume normal activities.
ResultsIt's not permanentPermanent

Who is suitable for eyebrow transplant?

  • Suitable for men who desire thicker, longer, and more defined eyebrows, enhancing masculinity appearance.

  • Suitable for women with thin or short eyebrows who feel self-conscious about their appearance. Eyebrow transplantation can enhance the shape, length, and arch of the eyebrows, complementing the natural contours of the face.

  • Suitable for both men and women who desire permanent, natural-looking results.

  • Suitable for those who do not want to undergo eyebrow tattoo.

  • Suitable for those who want their eyebrows to look as natural as possible

  • Suitable for LGBTQ individuals who want clearly define their appearance.

  • Suitable for those with scars in the eyebrow area.

  • Suitable for individuals with drooping eyebrows that make their face appear sad. Eyebrow transplantation can lift the eyebrows, resulting in a brighter and more refreshed facial appearance.

Women's Eyebrow Transplant

In women’s eyebrow transplant, there are four techniques used to implant the eyebrows.

Technique 1: Defining the three points of the eyebrows.

  • Point 1 The beginning of the eyebrows

    Start by drawing an imaginary line passing through the middle point of the nostril

  • Point 2 The highest point of the eyebrows
    Measure from the nostril to the pupil.
  • Point 3 The end of the eyebrow 
    Measure from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye.

Setting these three points helps ensure that the eyebrows have a soft, feminine arch and are the appropriate length for the face, maintaining a natural curve.

Technique 2: Establishing the head of the eyebrows to be larger than the middle part.

Establishing the head of the eyebrow is crucial for the overall appearance. If the head of the eyebrow is the largest part, it will ensure that the eyebrows are in proportion, creating a beautiful look. Therefore, during eyebrow transplantation, it’s important to be cautious and ensure that the head of the eyebrow is not smaller than the other parts, as this can give an angry or displeased look.

Technique 3: Determining the density of the eyebrows.

The head of the eyebrow should have the lowest density, gradually increasing towards the middle. Resulting in eyebrows that look full and natural. 

The key is to gradually increase the density during eyebrow transplantation. Uniform thickness throughout the entire eyebrow can result in an unnatural.

Technique 4: Defining the tail of the eyebrows.

The tail of the eyebrows should be proportionate to the head of the eyebrows, slightly higher. If the tail is positioned lower than the level of the head, it can make the face appear sad and aged.

Men's Eyebrow Transplant


In men’s eyebrow transplant, there are four techniques used to implant the eyebrows.

Technique 1: Men with a round face

Men with round faces should avoid arched eyebrows and opt for eyebrows with slight angles instead. This helps create a sharper, more mature look. Alternatively, they can choose straight eyebrows to maintain balanced proportions.

Technique 2: Men with an oval face

Men with an oval or slightly elongated face shape should opt for straight eyebrows. Straight eyebrows create horizontal lines, shortening the appearance of the lower part of the face and improving overall facial proportions.

Technique 3: Men with the heart-shaped face

Men with a heart-shaped face, the face will have both curves and angles. It is recommended to shape the eyebrows with a slight curve to avoid a stiff appearance. However, the curve should be subtle, not as pronounced as for women, as this can give a more feminine look.

Technique 4: Men with a Square Face Shape

Men with a square face shape have pronounced angles and a well-defined jawline. It is recommended to shape the eyebrows with a curve, as this can soften the angular appearance of the face. Curved eyebrows can make the face look less severe and more approachable.

Methods for Measuring Eyebrows

In general, our facial features may have slight differences. Eyebrows can vary in height and symmetry. Eyebrow transplantation can adjust and make the eyebrows symmetrical on both sides by using three points on the face.

Line 1: Front to median line(FML) is an imaginary line drawn centrally on the forehead, extending between the eyebrows and continuing to the central axis of the nose.

Line 2: The imaginary horizontal line passing through the highest points of both eyebrows.

Line 3: The imaginary horizontal line passing through the lowest points of the eyebrow heads. These three lines collectively aid in achieving the most symmetrical and proportionate eyebrow design.

Preparation Before Eyebrow Transplant.

In cases where there’s existing eyebrow tattoo but dissatisfaction with the original shape, laser removal might be considered. The effectiveness of laser removal depends on the intensity and type of ink used for tattoo. You can then choose the desired eyebrow shape based on your facial structure. Consulting with a physician to design new eyebrows together is advisable. Additionally, it’s recommended to abstain from taking vitamins for 7 days prior to the eyebrow transplantation procedure to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling.

The Procedures for Eyebrow Transplant.

  1. The consultation with Dr. Gorn Hair Clinic , you will have the option to choose between 2 techniques for eyebrow transplant: FUE and Long Hair FUE. Additionally, eyebrow design will be personalized through facial analysis taking into account facial features, desired aesthetic adjustments, and key points for drawing the new eyebrows. Through this consultation process, Dr,. Gorn Hair Clinic will work with you to determine the most suitable technique and design for achieving your desired eyebrow appearance.
  2. Inject anesthesia at the back of the head. Shaving the back area may be necessary in some cases, but only a small area will be used. Women can use long hair to cover it.
  3. The doctor will choose to extract small-sized hair follicular units located close to the natural characteristics of the eyebrows for the most natural outcome. Emphasis is placed on extracting one follicular unit graft (FUG) per hair follicle. This is because using one hair follicle at a time will result in beautifully aligned eyebrows.
  4. The doctor will select and store grafts in a cell-preserving solution to increase the chance of eyebrow transplantation to up to 90%. Anesthesia will be injected into the eyebrow area using a small amount to prevent swelling and embed the grafts according to the design. On average, approximately 120-250 Follicular Unit Grafts (FUG) will be used per eyebrow, taking about 2 hours.
  5. After undergoing eyebrow transplantation, patients can resume their normal activities. Some swelling may occur, and it’s advisable to sleep with the head elevated and utilize low-energy laser light to mitigate swelling.


Post-eyebrow transplant care program

  1. Refrain from washing your hair for 24 hours, but you can wash your face using a damp cotton pad to gently cleanse it.
  2. During the first 1-3 days, swelling around the eyelids may occur. You can use a cold pack for icing, but be cautious not to apply it directly to the eyebrows.
  3. Avoid picking, rubbing, and refrain from wearing glasses for 3 days
  4. Abstain from exercising for 1 week.
  5. Refrain from sleeping on your side or stomach for the first week as it may dislodge the grafts.
  6. Avoid exposing the treated area to heat from hair dryers for one week.
  7. On the 14th day, if there are scabs, they can be removed at the clinic using appropriate tools.
  8. Avoid heavy lifting and bending, and instead, use alternative methods to bend.
  9. Avoid sun exposure or hot air areas.
  10. After 2 weeks, if the eyebrow hairs grow longer, you may use scissors to trim them.
  11. Avoid using eyebrow razors.
  12. Avoid plucking eyebrows vigorously as frequent plucking may result in thinning and necessitate another eyebrow transplant.
  13. Monitor progress during the first month, during which hair may gradually shed, followed by regrowth until completion within 6-12 months.
  14. If considering eyebrow tinting, wait for 3 months after the transplant.
  15. Avoid eyebrow tattoo for 1 year.

Supplemental care.

  • Light therapy to reduce swelling
  • Autologous Hair Cell Growth Factor injection to enhance the success rate of eyebrow transplantation.
  • Taking vitamin supplements for nourishment, serum application is not necessary.

Why choose Dr. Gorn Clinic for eyebrow transplant?

Eyebrow transplantation is an art of designing eyebrow shapes tailored to each individual, fitting various facial features, and reflecting one’s uniqueness. Dr. Gorn Hair Clinic pays special attention to this aspect. This includes meticulously selecting grafts that closely resemble the characteristics of eyebrows, opting for one-hair follicular unit grafts. 

For natural-looking results post-eyebrow transplantation, continuous care is provided for one year, ensuring confidence in the success of the procedure.