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Long Hair FUE

The forehead and front hairline are crucial parts that impact our confidence

Many women may feel that they have a wide forehead, an overall unbalanced facial proportion. Some may hesitate to expose their foreheads, lack of confidence in hair styling, or feel uncertain due to the appearance of receding hairlines, which can make them look older and less youthful.

By using the Golden Ratio theory(is a mathematical concept used to assess facial proportions.), we can measure the symmetry of each part of the face by dividing the face into three parts.

Upper Face: Starting from the midpoint of the hairline(Trichion) move to the midpoint between the eyebrows.(Glabella)

Middle face: Start from the midpoint between the eyebrows.(Glabella) move to the lowest midpoint of the nose.(Subnasale)

Lower Face: Start from the lowest midpoint of the nose(Subnasale) move to the lowest point of the chin.(Mention)

all three parts should have equal lengths which have approximately a ratio of 1:1:0.8-1

In general, the forehead width is approximately 5-6 centimeters. At the same time, the proportion of the forehead should be about one-third of the total width of the face.Therefore, if the forehead width exceeds 7 centimeters, it would be considered relatively wide, which can lead to an unbalanced of the face. Dr. Gorn Hair Clinic recommends hair transplantation to adjust and reduce the width of the forehead. This involves lowering the hairline to better suit the natural proportions of the face. Women with receding hairlines on both sides(an “M” shape) may experience this due to genetics or from prolonged and frequent hair tying. Having a receding hairline or a widow’s peak can indeed make the face appear older. It may create a more mature and less confident appearance, especially when styling the hair. Women may have attempted to address this issue by purchasing various hair care products. Serums containing minoxidil, which can strengthen the hair but may not promote hair growth. In addition, some women may have taken minoxidil, but medications can have side effects, such as increased body hair, including facial, arm, and leg hair, which are side effects most women typically do not desire. Therefore, hair transplantation to cover the “M” shaped can be a good option for women, as the Hair Transplant will grow permanently.

Women with wide cheekbones now have a better option at Dr. Gorn Hair Clinic than undergoing cheekbone reduction surgery. This new option involves hair transplantation to reshape the face, where hairline design and framing are carefully planned to reduce the appearance of wide cheekbones. The advantages of hair transplantation for facial reshaping include minimal pain, minimal recovery time, fewer side effects, and lower risks compared to surgical procedures. Therefore, for women with wide cheekbones, it is recommended to consider hair transplantation for facial reshaping before opting for cheekbone reduction surgery.

It can be seen that Dr. Gorn Hair Clinic is able to offer options for facial reshaping to achieve a youthful and feminine appearance in the Feminine Sensation style. For women interested in hair transplantation for facial reshaping, the clinic offers 2 techniques:  1. Micro Stem FUE and 2. Long Hair FUE.

Long Hair FUE is a Hair Transplant Technique that specifically meets the needs of women

It can adjust the hairline in the front, cover M-shaped receding hairlines, reduce the size of the forehead, and reduce the size of the cheekbones. This technique makes hair transplants for women look more natural, especially by arranging the front hairline to match the original direction and aligning with each individual’s parting.

The Strengths of the Long Hair FUE Transplant Technique

It is a hair transplant method using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) that has been developed into a special technique. This involves using specialized equipment for extracting hair, which is more advanced than the regular extraction method. It results in smaller wounds, allowing you to return to your daily activities and attend events within 2-3 days after the hair transplant.

The Advantages of Long Hair FUE Transplantation

  1. Long Hair FUE transplantation involves extracting both the hair roots and long strands of hair. When these roots are implanted in the front, it looks natural because both the existing and new strands are of the same length. Therefore, Long Hair FUE transplantation is suitable for those who want an immediate transformation in their appearance.
  2. Long Hair FUE transplantation involves extracting individual hair follicles one by one. Therefore, there’s no need to shave the back of the head.
  3. Long Hair FUE hair transplantation is a hair transplant technique that allows for precise direction and angle adjustments, resulting in the most natural hair direction possible.

The Long Hair FUE technique is suitable for transplanting 1000-1200 grafts (FUG: Follicular Unit Graft). Therefore, it is ideal for hair transplantation in the frontal area for women who want to adjust their hairline, cover M-shaped receding hairlines, reduce the size of the forehead, reduce the size of the cheekbones, and especially for those who prefer not to shave the back of the head.

The Limitations of Long Hair FUE Transplantation

It may not be suitable for hair transplants that require more than 2000 grafts (FUG: Follicular Unit Graft), such as in cases where 3000 – 3500 grafts (FUG: Follicular Unit Graft) are needed for men. In such cases, the FUE technique is recommended over Long Hair FUE. Additionally, it is not suitable for transplantation over scar tissue and corrective cases due to the complexity involved, which is greater than in general cases.

The procedures for Long Hair FUE are as follows:

Begin with  an assessment of the desired number of grafts , typically ranging from 600 to 1200 grafts (FUG: Follicular Unit Graft). Therefore, it is suitable for women with high foreheads, women with M-shaped hairlines, or wide cheekbones, as these areas require a graft quantity of no more than 1500 grafts.


Prepare specialized equipment for hair extraction on the back of the head, including special punch heads for extracting hair follicles one by one. Then, soak the hair grafts in a cell-nourishing solution, trim them to perfection, and proceed to transplant them to the frontal hairline.


After the hair transplant, follow-up care is similar to that of FUE hair transplants. At Dr. Gorn Hair Clinic, there’s a comprehensive care  program, including hair washing, scab removal, light therapy, medication intake, Autologous Growth Factor injections, and Stem Cell injections throughout the year.

However, there’s an important precaution to note: after a Long Hair FUE transplant, avoid combing or tying the hair for two weeks to prevent dislodging of the grafts.

The difference between Long Hair FUE and FUE technique.

The Differences Long Hair FUEFUE
Harvesting method No need to shave the back of the head Shave the back of the head
NaturalnessAfter the hair transplant, there will be long hair strands in the front, allowing you to see the results immediately after the procedure. After the hair transplant, there will be small hair strands at the front. Then, the hair will gradually grow longer.
Number of graftsSuitable for hair transplantation: 600-1200 grafts (FUG: Follicular Unit Graft) Suitable for hair transplantation: 3000-4000 grafts (FUG: Follicular Unit Graft)
SuitabilityHair transplantation reduces the size of the forehead, covers the receding hairline(M shape), and adjusts or reduces the size of the cheekbones. Hair transplantation for treating hereditary hair loss in men
Post-Hair Transplant careDr.Gorn Premium CareDr.Gorn Standard Care
ToolsSpecial punch tools a punch tool or a similar manual surgical instrument.